• (1) Please change into yukata in your room first, and then go to a bath of your choice. Please be sure to take a change of underclothes and a handy towel with you.

    ・Please make a reservation for the baths of the reserved use only at the time of your check-in.
    ・Please keep your valuables in a safein your room. Never take them with you into the bath, please.

  • (2) As soon as you get to the bath, you should take your clothes off and put them into a clothing basket in the changing room.

    ・In the baths for the reserved use only, please be sure to lock the key of the entrance.

  • (3) Please go into the bathroom, taking a handy towel only with you.

  • (4) Please wash your body with soap first in the washing area, outside the bathtub.

    ・You can shampoo your hair and have a shave right here.
    ・Please wash lather off on your body before you get into the bathtub.

  • (5) Please go into the bathtub, stretch out your legs and soak your shoulders in.

    ・Please do not take your handy towel with you into the bathtub.
    ・Please note that it is against etiquette to get into the bathtub with a bath towel winding around your body.

  • (6) After getting warm enough, you should get out of the bathtub, take a shower with tepid water, and then get back to the changing room.

    ・Please return the bath towel after use to the specified boxes.

  • (7) Please make yourself comfortable back in your room, with your yukata on.

    ・Please take your handy towel back in your room.